Fresco is a technique of mural painting where the paint eventually becomes an integral part of the wall. Although it has been used since antiquity, it became synonymous with the Italian Renaissance. In fresco painting, water added to the dry pigment can transform the wall into the beginning of a new world. In my series, I wanted water to create a new life, a new soul, and a new woman.
Inspired by the Renaissance's return to the physical importance of the human body and the Baroque emphasis on emotions to convey deeper messages, I sought to combine these two approaches to reflect on modern-day lives and beliefs. Neither approach alone has historically brought humans closer to the greater meaning of life. In my photos, by merging these art styles with their opposing yet complementary philosophies, I strive to create living pieces of art that warm and illuminate the spaces they occupy. The three essential elements of most of my works are color, light, and water—elements that are fundamental to most forms of life.
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