"Vanishing" is dedicated to raising awareness about critically endangered animal species and their environment. Through vibrant pop-art style photo collages of my travel photos, I aim to captivate viewers' attention with graphics and colors. At first glance, these collages may appear as decorative art, but upon closer inspection, they convey a deeper message. All animals featured in this series are photographed in the wild in their native habitat.
The juxtaposition of endangered animal subjects against their background serves as a metaphor for the threats they face. Bright, colorful portraits of these animals are set against backdrops that subtly depict the harsh realities of human impact on their habitats. Human overpopulation, extreme urbanization, spiraling consumerism, deforestation, and poaching are hidden within these graphic scenes.
"Vanishing" serves as a visual commentary on the urgent need for conservation efforts to protect endangered species. By juxtaposing the beauty of these animals with the destruction of their environments, the project aims to engage a wide audience in conversations about conservation and environmental stewardship. By highlighting the plight of endangered species in a visually striking and accessible way, the project aims to inspire empathy, foster understanding, and mobilize support for conservation initiatives.
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